Who are the Bahá’ís?

Bahá'ís are people who formerly had different religious backgrounds. They had been Christians, Buddhist's, Muslims, Jews, Hindus, Zoroastrians, and others. Some had no religion at all. They come from every race, from virtually every nationality and from more than 2,000 tribes and minority groups, totaling more than 5 million individuals.

The Bahá'ís are living examples of the power of Bahá'u'lláh's teachings. They are working to unite all peoples "in one universal Cause, one common Faith." Bahá'ís know this Faith can save men and women from the hatreds, the pessimism, the corruption and the materialism of our age. We invite you to investigate this Faith and share in this spiritual adventure. Bahá'u'lláh said: "The tabernacle of unity hath been raised; regard ye not one another as strangers. Ye are the fruits of one tree, and the leaves of one branch." "Let your vision be world-embracing, rather than confined to your own self." "Take ye counsel together, and let your concern be only for that which profiteth mankind, and bettereth the condition thereof. . . ."