When do Bahá’ís meet?

Bahá'ís of Johns Creek, the same as all the Bahá'ís in 220 other countries in the world meet on the following dates each year. 
21-Mar, 9-Apr, 28-Apr, 17-May, 5-Jun, 24-Jun, 13-Jul, 1-Aug, 20-Aug, 8-Sep, 27-Sep, 16-Oct, 4-Nov, 23-Nov, 12-Dec, 31-Dec, 19-Jan, 7-Feb, 2-Mar 

This is according to a special Bahá'í global calendar.

Bahá'í Administrative body in Johns Creek (called Local Spiritual Assembly) meets every week to 2 weeks depending on the tasks at hand.

Bahá'ís also meet on a number of other occasions such as dates of historical significance, social nights, information nights (called Firesides), State, National, and International level conferences, etc.

"Firesides" are informal gatherings where issues relating to various facets of spirituality and religion are discussed. These are particularly designed for public attendance to gain more information about the Bahá'í Faith and experience what it is like to be amongst Bahá'ís. For a Fireside near you contact the Bahá'í Community of Johns Creek. 

Where do Bahá'í's meet? 

Bahá'í functions and gatherings are held in the homes of Bahá'ís, community centers, halls, major conference and function venues and the Johns Creek Bahá'ís Center located at 10690 Jones Bridge Rd, Alpharetta, GA 30022 - (678) 393-9500